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'At 67% CAGR' Doople looks to expand overseas market
'At 67% CAGR' Doople looks to expand overseas market
  • Gijong Lee
  • 승인 2019.01.10 11:22
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Developed its own solution 'Infini∞A'
Aiming at semiconductor device and equipment manufacturers
Doople's SEMI(Semiconductor Equipment Industry Consortium) EDA(Equipment Data Collection) Compliance Solution 'Infini∞A'
Doople's SEMI(Semiconductor Equipment Industry Consortium) EDA(Equipment Data Collection) Compliance Solution 'Infini∞A'

Doople, which boasted the annual average growth rate (CAGR) of 67% for four years after its establishment in 2014, is setting the stage to become a leading industrial data acquisition platform. It emphasizes that it is possible to connect, extend, and model beyond the solution for collecting and analyzing data from semiconductor equipment. The company is also actively entering the overseas market.

Doople's flagship product is Infini∞A, a semiconductor equipment data acquisition and analysis solution. It is a software (SW) that complies with EDA (Equipment Data Acquisition) which is the equipment data collection interface standard of the International Semiconductor Equipment Materials Association (SEMI). In the industry, it is referred to as "SEMI EDA Compliance Solutions."

Infini∞A collects various equipment data from the semiconductor manufacturing process in accordance with SEMI's EDA. This is to improve manufacturing yield, quality, and productivity. With the development of the micro-processes, the need to acquire precise data in less than 0.1 second has increased. In particular, data from all processes such as photography, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), diffusion, etching, lithography, polishing (CMP), and cleaning are central. Manufacturing data collection by EDA was applied to small-scale micro process from 2010 for US and Taiwan semiconductor companies, and domestic companies introduced it in 2015. Last year, manufacturing data collection became an essential requirement for automation in the entire process line of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix.

Doople emphasized that Infini∞A is compatible with both semiconductor device makers and equipment companies, and has secured both data transmission and reception reliability. Since 2015, Doople has been supplying EDA customer solution Infini∞A-HOST Suite to global semiconductor device companies and Infini∞A-EQ Suite (EDA server solution) to semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Because it is easier to respond to standards than overseas competitors, Doople reduced the application period of semiconductor equipment manufacturers by one-sixth. The solution company explained that its data acquisition performance is about 30% superior. Doople added that it is a platform that can connect with various elements in the plant and connect, expand, and model with analysis systems, in addition to providing a simple EDA interface.

Doople expects Infini∞A to become a data acquisition platform that will lead the era of smart manufacturing and manufacturing big data. SEMI's EDA is expected to become a necessity for manufacturing data collection in advanced semiconductor fabs in the future, and it will spread to high-tech industries other than displays and semiconductors within the next few years. At the same time, Doople plans to develop various solutions besides EDA.

Founded in 2014, Doople is headquartered in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do. The number of employees is 26, and the average annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2014 and 2018 is 67%. The company name Doople (D∞PLE) means 'the link (∞) between data and people.' Doople's CEO Hyung-soo Kim is co-chairman of SEMI Information and Communication Technology Committee.

Doople's EDA client solution 'Infini∞A Host Suite'
Doople's EDA client solution 'Infini∞A Host Suite'


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