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Korean chip and display kit makers see Q3 earnings recover
Korean chip and display kit makers see Q3 earnings recover
  • Gijong Lee·Nari Lee
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Chips thanks to Samsung, display thanks to BOE
Image: Semes
Image: Semes

South Korean semiconductor and display equipment maker saw their earnings recover in the third quarter.

Semiconductor kit maker were helped by investments from Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix. Display equipment companies benefited from Chinese panel makers such as BOE and HKC increasing investments into OLED factory lines.

Data collected from 42 South Korean equipment makers with over 30 billion won in annual sales during the third quarter show that combined that posted 4.18 trillion won in sales, a jump of 50.7% from a year ago.

Their combined operating income was 524.5 billion won, a jump of 220.5% from the same time period in 2019.

Companies such as Semes, Wonik IPS and Toptec returned to the black. A total of ten companies returned to profitability during the quarter.

Samsung Electronics began operation of its P2 line at its Pyeongtaek plant in August. In June, the company began putting in additional equipment to the P2 line.

Semes, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, saw sales in the third quarter soar 85.5% from a year ago. This was thanks to additional investment into the P2 line by Samsung. The South Korean tech giant’s additional investment into its second factory in Xi’an, China also helped. Semes likely benefited from sales of washing equipment, etchers and over head transports to Samsung during the quarter.

Samsung Electronics signed four supply contracts worth 87.2 billion won together with suppliers in South Korea. STI clinched two contracts together worth 74.1 billion won.

SK Hynix signed two contracts to buy equipment during the quarter. It signed an 18.9 billion won deal with Eugene Technology and another 11.1 billion won deal with Tes.

Wonik IPS saw third quarter sales jump 268.4% from a year ago. The company benefited from Chinese panel makers resuming investments following delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hanmi Semiconductor posted record sales in the third quarter. Its operating income jumped 201.9% from a year prior. It signed contracts with ASE, Bosch and Skyworks to supply them equipment.

Image: TheElec
Image: TheElec


Display equipment makers benefited from investments into OLED by Chinese panel companies such as BOE and HKC. 

The combined third quarter sales of 39 display kit makers with over 10 billion won in sales during the quarter stood at 3.45 trillion won, a jump of 46.15 from a year ago. Their combined operating income was 412 billion won, an increase of 220.1% from a year ago.

BOE signed 9 contracts worth 191.3 billion won with South Korean display kit makers. Toptec signed a 17.1 billion won contract with the Chinese display giant. Charm Engineering singed one worth 13 billion won and DMS worth 19.8 billion won.

HKC and Visionox each signed deals worth 176.7 billion won and 53.6 billion won with South Korean display equipment companies.

Samsung Display signed no contracts with display kit makers in the quarter; LG Display only signed deals worth together 37.2 billion won.

In the first half of 2020, CSOT to signed deals worth 381.8 billion won with South Korean kit makers. BOE made orders worth 303.8 billion won in the time period. Samsung Display ordered 138.1 billion won while LG Display ordered 76.2 billion in the same time period.

Image: Wonik IPS
Image: Wonik IPS


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