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Samsung unveils new MiniLED TV called Neo QLED
Samsung unveils new MiniLED TV called Neo QLED
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Korean firm shows off 2021-model TVs at First Look event 
Image: Samsung
Image: Samsung

Samsung Electronics on Wednesday unveiled at an online event an upgraded version of its QLED TV for 2021 called Neo QLED TV.

Neo QLED will launch in 8K and 4K resolutions and begin sales in the first quarter around the world.

JH Han, president of Samsung’s Visual Display business, talked up the company’s Screen for All vision at the event while introducing the firm’s Neo QLED, MicroLED and Lifestyle TV brands.

Neo QLED TV uses MiniLED that are smaller than the LEDs used in QLED TV. This allows color to be brighter and local dimming areas more segmented to offer better contrast ratio. It also allows for deeper blacks.

Samsung called its MiniLED “Quantum Mini LED” and said they were 1/40 of the height of conventional LEDs, allowing more of them can packed on the backlight. The South Korean tech giant also covered them with micro layers to make the LEDs small and express light precisely.

A technology that the company called Quantum Matrix Technology was applied for the luminance scale of the LED to be 12-bit with 4,096 steps.

A processor in the TV comprised of 16 neural networks will upscale videos resolution to 4K and 8K.

Image: Samsung
Image: Samsung

The 8K model of Neo QLED will come in an Infinity One design that makes it bezel-less. It will come with an attachable connection box to connect cables with separate from the TV.

Neo QLED also has upped sound features. Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro’s dynamic sound corresponds to the movement of objects on screen, and SpaceFit Sound analyzes the installed TV’s physical environment and outputs immersive sound tailored specifically to your space. Q-Symphony allows for sounds bars and speakers to be used with the TV’s for a completely immersive sound.

Neo QLED also comes with a gaming mode that allows users to control aspect ratio. PC on TV feature pairs the device to share the screen.

Samsung also said a 99-inch version of its MicroLED TV will be launched between March and April, along with the 110-inch version unveiled last year. MicroLED TV in the 70 to 80-inch range will also launch within the year, the company said.

MicroLED uses micrometer-sized LED as the light source. As they are inorganic materials, there is no risk of burn-in and Samsung said the TV can last over 100,000 hours of use.

MicroLED chips goes through a transportation process where they are attached to the main flexible printed circuit board from a dummy substrate. Defects that happen during process are mended through repair equipment.

MicroLED comes with its own AI processor, all screen design and 5.1 channel around. The 110-inch version costs 170 million won.

Samsung also launched new 2021-model Lifestyle TVs at the online event.

President Han also announced green policies that the company plans to adhere to. It will reduce carbon emission during TV production and use eco-friendly packaging for products, Han said. It will also use solar powered remote control that can charge from indoor and outdoor light for its TVs in 2021, the president said.

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