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DCSENG, a high-tech industrial pipe processing specialist, breaks down the foreign monopoly and accelerates export speeds
DCSENG, a high-tech industrial pipe processing specialist, breaks down the foreign monopoly and accelerates export speeds
  • Stan Lee
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Preempted the piping machine market by 10 years
Entered 12 countries, and set the sales target of KRW 5 billion
[Semicon Korea 2019 Exhibitor]
S-Cutter Plumbing Machine. The picture shows S-LT series.
S-Cutter Plumbing Machine. The picture shows S-LT series.

Inside high-tech industrial plants such as those dedicated to semiconductors and displays, plumbing are intertwined like a spider web to supply various materials. As the process becomes more complicated, the type, length, and design of the piping become more diversified. The need for processing has increased accordingly. Plumbing is a continuous process of cutting and attaching. Because of the high purity (HP) and ultra-high purity (UHP) materials in the piping, fast and accurate processing is essential without contamination.

DCSENG in Cheongju, North Chungcheong province became the best pipe processing company in Korea within 10 years of its establishment in 2008. It was due to having cheaper and better products than the competitors. This market was dominated by German and French companies for decades. When they did not listen to the customers' voices, In-sung Choi, CEO of DCSENG, filled the gap one step at a time.

Choi said, “There are no exceptions in the semiconductor and display industries, including the piping processing equipment--all must maintain a clean environment.” He added, “Before DCSENG started making products, companies had to use imported products, which failed to satisfy the repair and maintenance needs despite their high prices.”

DCSENG's 'S-Cutter' is a product that can cut and chamfer pipes. It is used to process pipes with appropriate length or trim corners. Complex piping is essential for semiconductor and display factories. The piping should be made as designed, and some of the additional parts should be cut and trimmed from the bottom of the clean room. At this time, less dust should be produced.

The representative products of DSCENG are S-500 and S-150 models, semi-automatic equipment, and S-LT series (S-100 LT, S-150 LT, and S-200 LT), and S-CM4 product family for removing the zinc film of zinc-coated steel pipes for water piping. Large diameter hardening and UHP piping are on the rise as the production line is enlarged and fine processes are developed. The S-Cutter provides a plumbing process suitable for this situation.

Brushless direct current (BLDC) motors applied to S-cutters do not generate dust, unlike AC motors. They also generate much less noise. The competitors use general motors. Choi said, "They think that they’ve used it well so far so there’s no reason to install a BLDC motor." He also explained, "Saw cutter consumption rate is also nearly double that of the S-cutter. We’ve reflected the needs of customers."

The lifespan of the saw blades (consumables) provided by DCSENG is 300 to 4 million Dia-inch (plant piping unit). It means that it can cut 3 to 4 million pieces of 1-inch surface and 300 to 400 thousand pieces of the 10-inch surface. Because it took control of the market swiftly in Korea, there was not much room to sell. Annual sales volume is around 120 units. The total domestic machine market is around 40,000 units, of which 5 ~ 10% is used in the semiconductor and display sectors.
Recently, DCSENG has been concentrating its efforts on advancing and exporting to other fields for the growth.

Choi said, "We have established distributors in seven countries and sold about 60 products in China only," and added, "There are a lot of countries where high-performance processors have not been introduced yet. He said, "We are also making progress in areas such as shipbuilding and marine industries."

DCSENG's sales in 2017 are just under KRW 3 billion. The goal is to increase sales to 12 countries by 2019 and to generate sales of more than KRW 5 billion.

DCSENG will participate in Semicon Korea 2019 held in COEX, Seoul, Korea from January 23 to 25, 2019. DCSENG will emphasize that it can speed up the construction of the factory by precise cutting and chamfering without polluting the piping.

Choi, In - sung, CEO of DCSENG.
Choi, In - sung, CEO of DCSENG.


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