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BMT, once a metal mallet processing company, becomes the special supporting actor of the 'high-tech industry'
BMT, once a metal mallet processing company, becomes the special supporting actor of the 'high-tech industry'
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Prominence in Domestic UHP Fittings · Valve
Shipbuilding and Smart Factory to double sales in 2020
[Semicon Korea 2019 Exhibitor]
Diaphragm valve image.
Diaphragm valve image.

There is a company that started as a small-sized metal processing company in 1988 and advanced into high-tech industries such as semiconductors and displays. The company is BMT headquartered in Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do. In 1999, BMT succeeded in the localization of fitting valves for semiconductors and caused a calm wave in the market. In the meantime, this market was the mainstay of foreign companies. Although BMT was a simple subcontractor, it has grown to such an extent that it is able to operate its business on its own through steady technological development.

Jong-chan Yoon, the company's CEO, remembered that time as follows.

"In the 1990s, it was natural to import fittings and valves for utility piping for cleanroom and instrumentation used in semiconductors, displays, and the like from the US and Japan. When a product that showed the same level of performance at ⅓ of the price, we have reached a level of cooperation with foreign companies."

Domestic fittings and valves have received reactions from the market quickly. In 2003, starting from Samsung Electronics, BMT was registered as an official supplier of major semiconductors and display companies such as SK Hynix and LG Display. It was listed on the KOSDAQ in 2007 based on such criteria. By 2017, the company had achieved solid sales of KRW 63.6 billion and operating profit of KRW 5.9 billion.

Until the late 2000s, utility piping for clean rooms and instrumentation were targeted. Then, in 2012, BMT started to aim the market for ultra high purity (UHP) gas and chemical piping. This meant that competition with the foreign companies beyond the cooperative relationship. CEO Yoon said, "As the difficulty of semiconductor microprocessing has increased, the handling of raw materials has become very important," and added, "When fine particles are mixed with gas or chemicals, the yield drops. That is the reason why the importance of control fittings and the importance of the valves to inject raw materials into equipment have increased. "

Since 2017, BMT has mass-produced products that support UHP. According to customers' needs, they enabled to manage the entire production process from material to processing, cleaning, polishing, welding, assembly, packing, and shipment to maintain consistent quality. The Bellows Valve and the Diaphragm Valve operate without leakage while maintaining the cleanliness of the UHP tubing. High durability can increase the efficiency and safety of equipment operation of semiconductor and display company clients.

"UHP products do not tolerate even a small amount of particles inside, and after they have been subjected to physical and chemical polishing a number of times, they require high cleanliness so that the products can be packaged inside the clean room," said CEO Yoon and added, "The goal of this project is to achieve sales of 20 billion won."

In addition, "there is a sign that the Chinese companies that used US products are interested in the export, which signals that the export will be greatly expanded, so we will aggressively develop the market," CEO Yoon said and added, “In order to maintain stable sales, we have entered the new business of switchboards, in addition to shipbuilding and marine fittings, valves."

The domestic UHP market size is estimated at 200 billion won. BMT is expecting to achieve the market share of 25~30% and expects sales of 50 billion won within three years. The next goal is to make a soft landing of the market as its main business in addition to the utility.

BMT plans to emphasize the quality of UHP products' delivery performance and quality that goes beyond the market’s demand at Semicon Korea 2019 to be held in COEX, Seoul, Korea from January 23 to 25, 2019.

Yoon, Jong Chan, CEO of BMT
Yoon, Jong Chan, CEO of BMT


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